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Lara doll



In the series of articles devoted to the theme of Russian dolls, here is how to use one of these charming figurines to make it a useful and friendly object by transforming it into a pretty little purse.

This topic will be the subject of 2 publications, that of today devoted to embroidery and that of next week to the assembly of the doll.

The drawing necessary for the realization of the scholarship can be downloaded HERE.

Here are the colors that I used

  • House of Embroidery stranded cotton Apple 67C Apple
  • DMC stranded cotton 151, 3804, 3806, 728, 702, 703 et 772
  • House of Embroidery 4mm silk ribbon Lavender 34

The front side of this doll is embroidered in the same way as Sofia’s. Here then are the explanations of the realization of the back of the figurine and particularly the weaving of the scarf and the braid.



Start by marking the edge of the scarf with a split backstitch then stretch the warp (vertical) with 3 strands of cotton.

Starting in the middle of the scarf, weave a row over and under a thread with 3 strands of cotton.

Continue working in the direction of the bottom of the scarf.

Weave 3 similar rows, passing alternately over 3 warp threads but only under another.

Now weave a row identical to the very first.

The following 3 rows are similar to the first one explained in photo n°3 but offset by 2 threads and with the passage over and under the threads in alternation.

Finish weaving the pattern by alternating the different rows until the scarf is completely filled. Embroider a few rows of juxtaposed stem stitch to fill the gap between the weave and the edge of the scarf.

To make the braid, I used 3 complete strands of stranded cotton (3 times 6 threads) and I fixed it with a silk ribbon knot.