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Edwardian Parrot

part 9, the tail


Here are the explanations and the pictures necessary to embroider the parrot’s tail.

Use the images to determine their placement. It’s on the complete photo that the nuances are the easiest to identify!

List of colors used to embroider this tail

 3716, 963, 309, 315, and  221, 3799, 414, 415 (new colors)





First embroider the central vein with the color 3716 and the lateral veins with the color 3799. They are embroidered with spit backstitch1 thread.

Then fill the entire surface of the tail with long and short stitch and the color 415. When embroidering, it is necessary to take lightly on the vein lines to prevent them from being too sharp.


Add some stitches with the color 3716 to reinforce the central rib and embroider the shadows of the tail with the color 414.

Add more pink 3716 around the side veins and a few stitches with the color 309.

The lateral parts of the pattern are outlined by several rows of stem stitch using the colors 963 and 221 with 2 threads. Finish by embroidering the right feather with satin stitch and color 221.

Outline the complete pattern with split backstitch and the color 315 using sometimes 1 thread sometimes 2 threads.