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An owl color of night

part 2


You will find in this second part the explanations necessary for the realization of the wing and the assembly of this project.







Using the stumpwork technique, secure the wire around the wing.

This technique is explained in a 2017 project called Taking flight.

Embroider with tight blanket stitch 1 thread all around the wire.

The stems are embroidered with stem stitch 2 threads and the leaves with satin stitch 1 thread.

Prepare the embroidery of the flower by surrounding the petals with split backstitch 1 thread.

Embroider the petals with satin stitch 1 thread. For the center, start by making fairly spaced bullion stitches combined with lazy daisy stitches and then insert a lazy daisy stitch in each space. Finish with a ribbed spider web all with 2 threads.

For the petals, start by embroidering a large lazy daisy stitch, place a bullion stitch inside and finish with small straight stitches at the top, all with 2 threads. Embroider the center with satin stitch 1 thread on a 2 threads padding.


Cut out the front and back leaving 1/2 cm of fabric for assembly. Cut the wing around the blanket stitch, apply a thin felt on the backside and cut the wire.


Fix the upper part of the wing on the front between A and B in an arc following the blanket stitch (nearby) with small back stitches. Then assemble the 2 parts of the body by overcasting the Palestrina stitch with 2 threads and leaving an opening for filling and then close.

The lower part of the wing is not attached to the body of the owl!