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Natacha doll




In the series of articles devoted to the theme of Russian dolls, here is my last proposal. That of transforming a Russian doll into a needlecase.




You can find a new pattern, larger than the previous ones (about 14 cm), necessary for the realization of this project to download HERE.

Here are the colors I used:

  • House of Embroidery stranded cotton Peacock 38C
  • DMC stranded cotton 915, 3607, 3608, 3837, 209, 3807, 162, 3821, black and white

The edge of the chasuble is embroidered with long and short stitch1 thread. Concerning the flowers, the petals are made with leaf stitch then fill the center with a ribbed spider web surrounded by 2 rows of split backstitch, all with 2 threads. The volutes are embroidered in stem stitch with 2 threads and the dots with satin stitch 1 thread.

The scarf

Draw and then embroider a frame as regularly as possible with split backstitch 1 thread.

Randomly fill certain boxes as follows using 3 threads:

Embroider 2 crosses with straight stitch all the way through the square and secure them with a French knot 2 wraps.

Fill rows of squares with a vertical satin stitch diagonally with 3 threads.

Fill in other series of squares also diagonally but embroidering the satin stitch horizontally. Some spaces are intentionally left empty. Finish by embroidering a row of 2-thread stem stitch all around the scarf.