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Needle painted Rose part 6

Leaves (second part)


These leaves are embroidered with the colors n° B5200, 924, 3847, 3849, 562, 502, 503, 164, 341 and 162




Begin by embroidering the veins with split backstitch using colors 924 and 162 as in the leaves of the previous post. Then apply colors 164 and 562 as in the photo.

Bring depth to the leaf by adding shadows with color 924. Embroider both upturned parts of the leaf with colors 162 and 502.

First, embroider the veins with split backstitch 1 thread then apply the colors 562 and 3849 according to their placement on the photo.

Fill the empty area with colors 162 and 341. Then create the desired depth by adding colors 3847 and 924 to the leaf in small strokes.

First embroider the veins as before with color 924 then fill the entire surface of the pattern with color 162, slightly varying the direction of the stitches to give movement to the leaf.

Finish the embroidery of the leaf by adding shadows with colors 341 and 3849.

After preparing the veins, embroider the upper part of the leaf with the colors 162, 341, 503, 3849, and 3847, distributing them as in the photo.

Finish this part by adding additional touches with color 3847 as well as a few stitches with color 924.

Completely embroider the lower part of the leaf with color 162 and add a touch of color 341 to the end. It is necessary to observe and respect the direction of the stitches!

Emphasize the shadows with the colors 502 and 3847 as well as the light with the color B5200 in the upper part of the pattern. Embroider the turned over end of the leaf with colors 3849 and 924.

When all the leaves are completed, do not forget to underline all the edges with split backstitch and color 924.