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Needle painted Rose part 5

Stem and leaves



Stem and leaves

For the stem, I used the colors 938, 407, 712, and 3858 (new color).

For the leaves, the colors used are 164, 3849, 3847, 562, 924, 162, 341, 502, 503, 745 (new colors).





Start embroidering with colors 712 and 407 as in the photo.

Add color 3858.

Add depth to the work by adding color 938.

Embroider these 2 small leaves with the colors 369, 164, 407, 3858, and 924, using the photo as a guide.

To embroider this very rolled leaf, take care to delimit the various parts with split back stitch and respect the direction of the stitches. I first used the colors 369, 164, 162 and added shadows with the colors 502 and 503.



Start embroidering the main background part of the leaf with light blue 162, then add successively colors 503 and 503 towards the bottom of the pattern.

Add the final touch by embroidering a few stitches with color 924.

This partial leaf in the background is simply made with the colors 369, 164, 562 and 924.

Start by edging this large leaf with split backstitch and color 162, then make the veins. To do this, embroider a line with split backstitch and color 162, then add color 924 in the same way on each side of the mainline.



Start by embroidering the outline of the leaf with colors 162, 503 and 502, arranging them as in the photo.

Continue to embroider towards the center of the leaf with color 341.

Continue in the same way adding color 3849.

Finish with color 3847. The leaf is completely filled.

Complete the leaf with a split backstitch around the edge and color 924.