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My beloved needlecase

The pattern of this needlecase can be downloaded HERE

This post is devoted to an object that is very important to me

My beloved needlecase

I used a lot of needlecases in my embroidery life … and one day I wanted to make an original one, just for myself. Since that day, I have always kept it carefully with me and today I would like to share it with you.

So here we are going to separate the work into 2 parts.

The first is devoted to embroidery.

I chose a crisp and easy design to make. It is not the one that appears on my personal needlecase whose pictures you can see at the bottom of this article, but as I strongly advise you to embroider the 2 faces, it is more beautiful, this one is not too long to realize.

The second part will be reserved for finishing

I will explain the path to follow step by step with pictures of each stage. This assembly is simple to carry out and does not require any special expertise.

The stems are embroidered in stem stitch with 1 thread.



The leaves are embroidered in leaf stitch with a 2 mm ribbon. I added a straight stitch 1 thread in each leaf to hold the ribbon.

If you do not like ribbon embroidery, you can also embroider these leaves with lazy daisy stitch (possibly double lazy daisy) with 2 threads.




The blue and yellow French knots are made with perle cotton No. 8 and 2 wraps.

You can also use stranded cotton with 3 strands.

The white tiny leaves are embroidered with lazy daisy stitch 2 threads



The roses are woven with 7mm ribbon.

You can also replace the ribbon with stranded cotton and embroider these flowers with bullion stitch using 2 threads.


Here is a side of the needlecase completed.

I embroidered the edge in Palestrina stitch with Perle cotton ° 8 to ease the finishing.

You can replace Perle cotton # 8 with stranded cotton using 3 threads.

And here is mine