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Mini ” Enchanted world”

Last week I added a new design “An enchanted World” in the online shop of my website.

I am often asked if in my embroideries I have something to propose for a birthday gift, then now it is done.

I think it’s a subject that inspires stories to fall asleep for both boys and girls.

You will find below a simplified part of this drawing to use freely and at your leisure.

Here are the photos and explanations that will help you embroider Mini “Enchanted World”

You can download the drawing online HERE.

In this small project, we used 10 different stitches

Stem stitch, French knot, split back stitch, fishbone stitch, satin stitch, long and short stitch, blanket stitch, ribbed spider web stitch, lazy daisy stitch, Turkey work.

Never forget that to obtain a beautiful satin or long and short stitch, it is mandatory to surround each pattern with a split back stitch!


The stems are embroidered in stem stitch with 2 threads.

The leaves are embroidered in satin stitch with 1 thread.

The petals of the columbines are embroidered in blanket stitch with 1 thread. For the centers, first, embroider a ribbed spider web with 1 thread (the weft is made with 2 threads) and then surround it with French knots  2 threads 1 wrap. Finish with another knot in the center of the spider.

First, embroider a split back stitch all around the body of the rabbit and then fill it with long and short stitch 1 thread. Add a few straight stitches 1 thread of darker color to underline the ends of the legs.

The ears and tail are embroidered in Turkey work with 3 threads.

The main stem is embroidered with stem stitch, the other 2 stems with a straight stitch and the 2 small leaves with lazy daisy stitch, all with 2 threads.The flowers are embroidered in French knots with 2 threads and 2 wraps.

The leaves on the ground are embroidered in satin stitch with1  thread. As always do not forget to mark them with a split backstitch before you start to fill them.

The wings are embroidered in satin stitch with 1 thread (without forgetting the split backstitch, but I think I repeat myself).

The body is embroidered in the Turkish work with 3 threads.

Here is the full original drawing

An Enchanted World