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Here are the explanations of the flowerbed 29 and 31

The designs of the flowerbeds 29 and 31 can be downloaded HERE

The borders are embroidered on heavy chain stitch with 2 threads.

The large dahlias are embroidered with 2 circles of lazy daisy stitch.

For the stitches of the small circle, I used 1thread and for those of the great circle 2 threads.

The stitches of the outer circle are embroidered in the extension of those of the small circle.

Then, you can insert a stitch between the ones already embroidered to obtain a plump flower.


The daisies are also embroidered with lazy daisy stitch 2 threads.

Embroider 4 stitches to form a cross and then it is necessary to add 2 others in each quarter to obtain an even flower 

To finish, embroider a French knot in the heart of each flower.


With 2 threads, embroider small straight V stitches to mark the outline of each flower before covering the ground with French knots 2 threads 2 wraps.


The flowerbed is now complete.


The borders are embroidered with DMC stranded cotton Color Variations 4130.  

The leaves are embroidered with DMC stranded cotton 500 et 502. 

The dahlias are embroidered with DMC stranded cotton Color Variations 4200.

The daisies are embroidered with DMC stranded cotton 3708 et 746. 

The hearts are embroidered with DMC stranded cotton 3825.

The ground is embroidered with House of Embroidery stranded cotton Cabbage 30.



Here is a picture of our garden as it stands today.