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Floral Mandala

part 2

Here is the second part of this design.

It contains a woven stitch, Portuguese stem stitch, satin stitch and Palestrina stitch.

The kit of this mandala can be bought HERE.

It contains the pattern printed on a piece of linen of 38/38 cm in a color of your choice. It also contains the detailed explanations necessary for the realization of this model as well as the list of colors used.

House of Embroidery threads can be ordered with the mandala by following the link “Our suggestion of threads to realize this kit”. The DMC threads needed to complete this work are to be purchased separately.

Start by filling the pattern with 3 threads vertical straight stitches and 11 Sunlight color.

Using the weaving technique, pass 3 strands of color 3013 under a vertical yellow straight stitch and then over 3 others. Repeat this work over the entire width of the pattern.

Starting again under 1st row, make 2 other similar passages, 3 rows in total.

Now make 3 new passes by inverting the weave either over 1 yellow thread then under 3 others.

Fill the entire pattern and then border it with stem stitch 2 threads  and the color 3011 at the top.

After filling all the patterns, embroider the outer outline with a 3 threads Portuguese stem stitch and color 92 Herbs.

Edge this pattern with stitched back stitch with 1 thread and then pad it with large straight stitches spaced with 2 threads and color 934.

Then embroider with satin stitch and 1 thread.

For this oval pattern, do the same work as before but using a tighter padding and 3011 color.

Cover the padding with a regular satin stitch 1 thread. For these pieces I alternatively used the colors 3013 and 3011. Finish by embroidering the border with Palestrina stitch and Perle cotton n ° 8. I chose House of Embroidery 32 Moss color. It does not appear in the list of threads originally proposed.