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Edwardian Parrot

part 4, top left corner


Here are the explanations and the pictures necessary to embroider the pattern located in the upper left corner of the work.

It has a flower and leaves.

I used the same threads as before without adding new colors to embroider this part of the subject.         





Start by embroidering the stem and the sepals with the colors 927 and 926.

Then finish with color 3768.

Starting at the top of the petals, embroider with color 316.

Continue with color 778.

Fill the still empty surface with color B5200 and add a few stitches with light blue 3756.

As before, the pattern is bordered with split back stitch and the color 924 for the green part and 3685 for the flower.





All the leaves of this embroidery will be made in the same way but varying the colors according to the needs.


The 2 large leaves are embroidered with the colors 962 for the main vein and 3768 for the side ones. Use colors 3078, 927 and 926 to fill in the leaves and finish embroidering the border with split back stitch and color 924.

The small leaf on the far left is embroidered with the colors 962, 3768 and 642.

The left leaf is embroidered with the colors 962, 3768, 926 and 927. The right leaf is made with the colors 962, 3768, 927 and 642. They are underlined as usual with the color 924.