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Edwardian Parrot

3rd part, top motif


Here are the explanations and the pictures necessary to embroider the pattern located along the upper edge of the design.

It is composed of leaves, flowers and buds

I used the same threads as before but adding another 2 new colors, 642 to embroider the back side of the largest leaf and 3773 to embroider the branch.         



The leaves


First embroider the outline of the leaf with split backstitch 1 thread and the color 927. Then embroider the central vein with 2 juxtaposed rows of stem stitch 2 threads and the color 962. Also embroider the lateral veins with stem stitch 2 threads (a single row) and the color 3768.

Starting from the edge of the leaf begin to embroider with long an short stitch 1 thread by penetrating well between the veins with the color 927.

Then continue by filling the spaces still empty with the color 926.


This leaf is embroidered exactly like the previous one. You just have to add color 642 to embroider the back side with satin stitch.



All the leaves of this embroidery will be made in the same way but varying the colors as needed.



Flowers and buds


The half leaf at the very top is embroidered with the colors 3778, 927 and 3078. The flower petals are made with the colors 963 and B5200. I added a touch of yellow 3078 for the heart and small French knots 2 threads 1 wrap with the color 154 for the stamens.

The branch is embroidered with long and short stitch but without a backstitch along to the edges and the color 3773 (new). To embroider the buds, I used the colors 3716, B5200 and 309.

The 2 partial petals of the top flower are embroidered with the colors 3716 and 963.

The pattern is finished and outlined as explained in the previous article, (I had not yet bordered the branch when I made the picture … but I will do it soon!)