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Edwardian Parrot

Part 12, the eye and the beak

Here are the explanations and the pictures necessary to embroider the parrot’s eye and beak.

List of colors used to embroider this pattern

B5200, 310, 3078, 407, 3777, 3371 and 841 (new colors).

Start by embroidering the circumference of the pupil with split backstitch 1 thread and the color B5200. With the help of the photo, then fill it in with the colors B5200, black and 3777.

Embroider the striped part with straight stitches 1 thread alternating white and black. Embroider a few yellow stitches and color 3078 to finish the eye to lengthen it well.

With the help of the photo, start to embroider the beak with the colors 3777 and 407.

Continue adding color 841.

Continue with the same color, rounding the beak and leaving room to be able to embroider the outline.

Finish the beak by embroidering the parts which are still empty with juxtaposed stem stitch 2 threads and color 3371.