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Edwardian Parrot

part 11, abdomen and head

Here are the explanations and the pictures necessary to embroider the abdomen ah the head of the parrot.

List of colors used to embroider this pattern

3799, 414, 415, 3768, 962, 963, 3078, 3855, 3685, 926, 927, 407, 612, 315.

There is no new color.

Using the same technique as for the wing, embroider with colors 926 and 927.

Underline the split backstitch made previously with a second split backstitch and the color 3786.

Here is the abdomen finished.

The second part of the crop is embroidered in the same way as in the previous article and using the same colors.

Proceed in the same manner for the gray feathers but first embroider a row of blanket stitch with the color 932 at the bottom of the pattern.

For this part of the pattern, start by embroidering lines with split backstitch 1 thread to mark the direction of the feathers and the color 3726, then with the color 3855 and straight stitch, delimit the right edge of the head.

Start to fill the head with long and short stitch and the color 3855 and respecting carefully the direction of the stitches.

Here is the finished surface.

It is necessary to add a touch of light pink 963 and a few stitches with the color 962 to bring life to the pattern.