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Edwardian Parrot

part 10, the wing


Here are the explanations and the pictures necessary to embroider the parrot’s wing.

List of colors used to embroider this pattern

3799, 414, 415, 3756, 924, 3768, 315, 154, 3726, 3716, 962, 309, 3078 and 3855, 3740, 3041, 3042 (new colors).

The small part on the left is embroidered with the colors 3756, 3716, 309 and 315, the central part with the colors 924 and 3768. The right part is made with the colors 3041 and 154.

The elongated end of the wing is made with the colors 3799, 3041, 3740, 154 and 924.

The bottom of this part of the wing is embroidered with the colors 340, 154, 3756 and 924. This is to extend the part described in the previous picture.

Make this part of the wing using colors 3799, 414, 3756, 962, 924 and 3768.

To embroider the feathers, start by embroidering the horizontal lines with split backstitch 2 threads using the color 315 for the bottom part and 414 for the top part. For the frill, embroider the veins with split backstitch 1 thread and the color 3726. Underline the straight edge with satin stitch and the color 3078.

For the feathers, fill the remaining spaces with very small 1 thread blanket stitches and the color 3716 for the bottom and 415 for the top. Add straight stitches between the blanket stitches to cover the fabric well if necessary. Cover the entire area of the frill with the color 3855. Add a few touches with the color 962 and a few straight stitches to give movement to the pattern with the color 3726.