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Drawn thread embroidery on a guest towel

(part 4)

Here are the pictures and explanations needed to help you realise a small guest towel with drawn thread embroidery.

To make this work you need a towel with an Aida strip (generally intended for counted cross stitch) and Perle cotton n ° 8 (at least 30m). I also advise you to work with a tapestry needle with round tip, for example, n ° 24. This will avoid you to hang the tip in the neighboring threads and your work will be thus perfectly clean.

This project presents no difficulty and is well adapted to the learning of drawn thread embroidery.

I chose to make 2 strips of different drawn thread designs on the Aida part of 7 cm of this towel.

In this 4th part, we will embroider our last pattern. They are also woven drawn threads but embroidered on shared bundles.



All bundles are attached in groups of 4 to 1/3 of the height of the drawn threads.

It is very rare to come across a number of bundles multiple of 4, then often there is no other way than to end with a group of incomplete bundles.

The bundles are attached a second time also in groups of 4 to 1/3 of the height of drawn threads but taking 2 groups of threads in each bundle of 4 threads previously attached.


Weave the thread as in the previous strip on the lower third and on 6 threads (the thread used to attach the bundles included). Do the same for the upper third part.

Simply wrap your yarn around the bundles of the middle part by fastening it in each woven shell on the reverse side of the work.


The second strip of drawn threads is complete.

Your towel is finished. You will notice the solidity of the embroidery which allows you the frequent washing of this towel.