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Christmas ornament

Here you will find the pictures and instructions to help you in completing this ornament.

This design can be downloaded HERE


You will find below the photos and explanations of this design as I had fun to embroider it.

I took advantage of this opportunity to rummage through my reserve of everything and believe me, I have a lot of stuff. I used metallic thread, synthetic yarn (normally, I never use it),  stranded cotton, pearl cotton, ribbon and beads, all together!

If I can afford to give you some advice, download the drawing, reproduce it on your fabric and indulge yourself. It’s for Christmas and it only happens once a year so enjoy it.

The fir branches are embroidered in fly stitch with 3 threads.

The outline of the balls is embroidered in split backstitch with 1 thread.

The 4 balls are padded using large straight stitches with the full strand of 6 threads.

Using straight stitches, I formed braces on the padding. I fixed them to each intersection with a small straight stitch 1 thread. Then I packed each diamond with a small golden bead.

Fasteners of the balls are embroidered with straight stitches and metallic thread.

This ball is decorated with a horizontal needle weaving made up of 2 identical rows of stranded cotton (6 strands) and a row of fancy yarn (here a synthetic thread red and gold), always repeat this pattern.

This ball is decorated with a row of elongated beads intercalated between 2 rows of synthetic gathered ribbon.

A vertical needle weaving made up of 2 identical rows of perle cotton n° 5 and a row of metallic thread decorates this ball. Two horizontally woven metallic thread passages provide the final touch.

Here is a side of the ball when completed.


Cut out the 2 embroidered pieces, iron them leaving an edge of about 7 mm. Cut a template the size of a face in a rather thick card and placing it on the reverse side of the embroidery, turn the edges with the iron to mark the shape of the circle. Remove the template and squeeze each side separately. Both parts will be ready for assembly.

Put the 2 pieces against each other with  the embroidered face on the outside, make a Palestrina stitch with perle cotton  n°5  and carefully crossing the 2 layers of fabric.

Embroider in this way all around the ball without forgetting to insert the cord. Leave a small opening to insert the stuffing, then close.



To embroider this design, we used DMC stranded and perle n°5 cotton 

We also used golden thread, metallic thread, synthetic thread, ribbon and small beads.