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Christmas by the fireside




This article is used as an illustration for the realization of the embroidery “Christmas by the fireside”.

This design, sold in my online shop HERE, with a preferential price until the end of the year, is composed of multiple small subjects.

I have tried to make the explanations that accompany its realization as complete as possible.

There, you will find the list of stitches used (all explained on this blog under the heading “Stitches”). You will also find the complete list of threads as, DMC stranded cotton,  House of Embroidery variegated threads, and metallic threads (there are only 3) from Au Ver à Soie.

To make the step by step of this work as readable as possible, I numbered each subject and I devoted a detailed description to its making.

The stitches and colors used for each of them are thus clearly stated.

So, I hope that with the help of these few well-enlarged photos and the detailed explanations offered in the kit, you will have fun embroidering this work.