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Traditional design

part 2

In this post, you will find the explanations necessary to embroider the vertical patterns of the basket and the star pattern which appears in the center of the heart.



The lateral patterns are made as follows: without drawing threads, embroider horizontally with satin stitch and “Special à broder” thread on 3, 4, 5, 4 and 3 threads of fabric.

In preparation for the central motif, draw 1 thread 5 times, always leaving a gap of 3 threads.

Embroider with satin stitch as before the outside parts of the pattern.

To start the central embroidery, turn the work a quarter of a turn anticlockwise. Take the thread out to the far left in the central pulled thread line. Pass the needle under 3 threads in the lower satin stitch border.

Make a backstitch then pass the needle under 3 threads of the centerline. This stitch begins vertically from the bottom rear point.

Embroider a backstitch in the center line and continue in the same way by going again making a stitch in the bottom line … and so on.

Here is the work of the bottom completely finished.

Do the same work for the second part of the pattern after turning the work 180 °.

The pattern is finished.

Here is now a photo of the completed basket.

The star

Pull one thread and leave 3 others in both directions. Take care to place a vertical and another horizontal thread in the center of the pattern.

Take out the thread in the center of the pattern. All the stitches necessary for the realization of this star start from the same central hole. Pass the needle through the hole located at 2 holes on the right and another one above to bring it out in the center of the work. I used DMC floss cotton 2 threads for this pattern.

Then embroider stitches between all the horizontal threads and always returning to the center until the next hole. You will get 4 stitches.

Do the same work going up between the vertical threads to the next hole.

Here is a finished quarter of the star.

Continue to embroider to obtain a new piece of star after turning the work a quarter turn anti-clockwise.

After turning the work again continue to embroider the pattern in the same way.

Here is a picture of the finished star.

I wanted to show here this star used to fill a large area.