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“Art nouveau” scissor keep


Here is the material needed to realize this finishing

  • fusible Vlieseline S520

  • very fine fusible fleece

  • felt

  • sewing thread of the same color as the fabric

  • white glue

  • eventually, repositionable glue spray

  • a skein of DMC 501 stranded cotton

  • metallic thread n ° 4 Au Ver à Soie 002 gold

The assembly is entirely done by hand. It requires no particular skill but care and precision.

After having carefully ironed, cut the 3 embroidered pieces leaving about 8 mm of fabric all around for assembling.

You will note, what I forgot to tell you earlier, that I embroidered a row of Palestrina stitch with 2 threads and the DMC cotton 501 on the top edge of the front part of the holster.

Using the pattern, cut 2 pieces of Vliesline, one for the front and one for the back of the case.

Be careful to check and possibly adjust the Vliesline to the size of the embroidered pieces. Indeed, the work of the embroidery, as well as the ironing of the wet fabric, tend to shrink the work. For my part, I removed about 2 mm in width and 4 mm in height to the template so that it corresponds well to the edge of the cut pieces.

Cut also 2 pieces of fleece, one for the back and one for the front of the case.

Lay the corresponding piece of fleece on the back of the front part of the case. Adhere using the iron and then lay the piece of Vliesline and iron too.

Carefully turn the edges of the fabric over the Vliesline (inside of the piece) and hold with glue. Try not to use too much glue as hardening will make the assembly of the 2 pieces with the needle more difficult.

Cut out and glue the felt. This part is now ready.


Proceed in the same way for the back part of the case (back of embroidery + fleece + Vliesline and gluing).

Here is now the most delicate part of the work.

Using the template and the iron, mark the edges of the piece covering the back of the case by folding the fabric to the back of the embroidery. Place the remaining piece of fleece between the 2 fabrics and match the 2 pieces as precisely as possible. I helped myself with a spray of repositionable glue for that).

You will notice that I removed a little bit of fabric at the bottom of the piece to remove the thickness when assembling the 2 pieces.

Stitch the 2 pieces securely together with sewing thread.

Finish by hiding the seams as follows

For the rounded upper part, use 2 full strands (12 threads) of DMC 501 cotton overcast with golden thread and for the lateral seams work the same way using 4 strands of DMC cotton (24 threads).

After all this work, here is what you will get and you will be greatly rewarded for your efforts.

Congratulations to you!