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A bird in a harlequin suit

Bib and collar



Colors used to embroider the front panel

946, 743, 727, 931, 932 and 3753

The line separating the 2 parts of the breastplate is embroidered in Portuguese stem stitch and you will find the explanations HERE



Mark the centerline with a split backstitch 1 thread and color 743.

Fill in the areas of the lower part with long and short stitch 1 thread and color 743. Do not cover the previously marked line.

Embroider the upper part of the design, in the same way, using color 727.

Embroider the center line in Portuguese stem stitch with 3 threads and color 946.

Place 2-thread straight stitches in the yellow areas with the colors 931, 932, and 3753 with the help of the picture.

Underline the sides of the previously embroidered triangles in straight stitch with 1 thread and color 946.

The collar

Colors used to embroider the collar

931 and 3753

This pattern is embroidered in Kerfeunteun stitch (Glazig embroidery stitch) and you will find the explanations HERE

Mark a center line in the pattern.



Start the realization of the Kerfeunteun stitch by embroidering a chain with 2 threads and the color 931 at the top of the pattern.


Embroider the second part of the design with 2 threads and color 3753 following the stitch explanations.



Turn the work 180° and embroider a second series of stitches face to face.Two lines of chain stitches are located side by side in the middle of the design.