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Kerfeunteun stitch

Glazig embroidery

The stitch Kerfeunteun is part of the many stitches of Glazig embroidery 

We owe this stitch to Karine and Yann, embroidery teachers at the school of embroidery art of Pascal Jaouen in Quimper who have brought it up to date.

They noticed this stitch on an old glazig costume and now teach it during the embroidery workshops they lead at the school. I thank them for publishing this tutorial which allows us to use this stitch in our creations.

The Kerfeuntuen stitch is attached to another stitch such as the chain stitch for example. Draw a line parallel to the line of chain stitches.

Start a new chain stitch on the previously drawn line. Pass the needle through the loop of the chain stitch (blue) located opposite the chain stitch (pink). Pass the needle over the thread.

Pull the thread and place it between the chain stitch line and the Kerfeunteun stitch line.

Stitch in the previous chain stitch (pink) and make a new chain stitch.