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With all my heart

Here are the pictures and the necessary explanations that will help you to embroider “With all my heart”

You can download the pattern online HERE.

The color pictures below are there to give you an accurate view of the patterns as they were embroidered.

In this small project, we used 5 different stitches

Stem stitch, Palestrina stitch, straight stitch, blanket stitch and satin stitch.

Never forget that to obtain a beautiful satin or long and short stitch, it is mandatory to surround each pattern with a split back stitch!


The stems are embroidered in Palestrina stitch with 2 threads and a chenille needle n ° 22.

I first embroidered a split back stitch 1 thread around each petal. To give depth to the flower, I then made a 2 threads padding on each half petal and by doubling the stitches at the end of the pattern.

Each petal is embroidered in satin stitch with 1 thread and embellished with straight stitches in golden thread. Remember that to work easily with golden thread it is necessary to take a short length of yarn.

I finished by placing a pearl in the heart of each flower.

The stem is embroidered in stem stitch and the leaves in satin stitch on a 2 threads padding, all with 1 thread.

The petals of these flowers are embroidered in blanket stitch with 1 thread.

The hearts of the flowers are embroidered in satin stitch with 1 thread on a 2 threads padding.

I have added straight stitches arranged diamond-shaped in golden thread as an embellishment.

The wings are embroidered in satin stitch with 1 thread. I added a 2 threads padding under the top wings.

I used golden beads for the body and golden thread for the antennas.

I also added some straight stitches with golden thread to decorate the wings.