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A bird in a harlequin suit

Leaves and berries



To embroider the leaves and the berries, I used DMC 841, 3033 and 640 threads.

Using color 841, embroider small triangles in satin stitch on the edges of the leaves, as shown in the photo.

Using color 3033, alternately fill in the areas between the veins with long and short stitch or blanket stitch, all with 1 thread.

Then mark the side veins with split backstitch 1 thread and color 841 and the center vein with color 640. Embroider the branches with long and short using 1 thread and color 640 as well.

After outlining the berries with split backstitch 1 thread and color 3033, start embroidering them with small straight stitches 1 thread and color 3033 as shown in the picture.

Continue filling with color 841.

Finish making the berries by adding color 640.