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Taking flight – The Bumblebee

This project contains stumpwork 

In the third part of this project, we will embroider the bumblebee.

It also does not contain “stumpwork” but its body in Turkish work and its wings made with organza ribbon give it a lot of depth.

The design of this project can always be downloaded HERE

Embroider the body in Turkish work of 2 different colors with 2 threads.

Do not hesitate to tighten your stitches. The plumper the body, the better the bumblebee.

Cut the loops, taking care to give the body a well-rounded shape.

For the wings, you will need

  • 4 pieces of about 12 cm organza ribbon 1.5 cm wide.

  • 1 small punch or a big needle to make the holes used to pass the ribbon.

  • A chenille needle n° 22 to use with the ribbon or any other needle big enough to put the ribbon on.


Using the punch or the big needle, make 4 holes per wing to pass the ribbon.

The wings are embroidered with 2 different pieces of ribbon.

Starting with the bottom part of the wing, pull out the ribbon at 3 and poke it through at 4.

Arrange the ribbon loosely to give a nice volume to the wing.

Leave about 1 cm of ribbon on the back side of the embroidery and hold it with a few stitches.

Do the same work for the upper part of the wing by pulling out the ribbon at 1 and poking it through at 2.

Arrange your 2 ribbons to get a compact and harmonious wing.

Here is the bumblebee completed.

Do not forget (like me) to embroider the legs and antennas with straight stitch 1 thread.