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Reticello pincushion

part 2


Here are the explanations for the first 2 patterns that will fill the 13 windows of the grid.

All the drawings used in these instructions come from Giuliana Buonpadre’s book.





Giuliana Buonpadre

Gli Antichi


 that you can get HERE or THERE



Pattern for the central window

Lay the “Spécial à broder” thread between the middle of the 4 sides of the window.

Observe the particular way of stretching the threads by looking at the pictures.

Repeat 2 times to have 3 strands.

Cover completely the first 2 sides with blanket stitch (the chain of the stitch is inside the pattern) and continue until half of the 3rd side. Then throw a thread towards the center of the opposite side (the first side). Then return to the 3rd side by winding the thread 2 or 3 times then finish the side with blanket stitch.

Do the same work with the 4th side.

This picture shows the particular way used to stretch the threads.

The thread starts from the right side and enters the back of the work.


Same for the 2nd side.

Here is the 1st round ended.

The 3 threads are now stretched and ready to be covered by the blanket stitch.

The central window pattern is finished.

Pattern n°2

Start by laying 3 threads starting in A.



Make a first row of blanket stitch that ends in A. In this example I started with a row of 7 points.

Then bring the thread back to B by stitching the needle in the first stitch and below.

Embroider a new row of blanket stitch in each stitch of the previous row.

The first stitch of the new row begins in the 2nd stitch of the previous row which thus decreases the number of stitches in each new row.

It is absolutely necessary to include the loose thread in each new row of blanket stitch.

Continue working until only one blanket stitch remains.



Then throw the thread in C (always from below), then come back to hang it by wrapping it in the tip of the blanket stitch triangle.

Finish with the thread back to C. It must be stretched so that the pattern is highlighted.

When the first row is finished on the right, go back to the first stitch on the left, bringing the thread back following the blanket stitches.



Embroider a new row of blanket stitch with one less stitch and take the loose thread into the stitch. Continue the work in the same way until you have only one stitch left.


Hang the tip of the triangle in the corner of the window, go up again and then down in the corner by wrapping the thread and stretching it well to deploy the pattern.

The pattern is complete.