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Reticello pincushion



With the Reticello pattern finished a long time ago, I finally found a nice border to embellish this work. I had no time to embroider it completely but I hope to finish it for next week and be able to present it to you in the last article of the year.

Here are the instructions

I used “Special à broder” DMC thread to make this border.



Pulling the threads



Draw 1 thread, leave 4, draw another, leave 8, draw 1, leave 4 and finish by pulling a last one.

For the edge of the pincushion, I pulled the threads as follows

Draw 1 thread, leave 3, draw another, leave 10, draw 1, leave 3 and finish by pulling one. Indeed, the four sided stitch of the main embroidery is embroidered on 3 threads.

Embroider four-sided stitch on 4 threads in the 2 outer sections and remove all horizontal threads from the center section.

Embroidering the border



Wrap the cotton around a bundle of thread to cover it completely.

Pull the thread through the four-sided stitch on the back of the work to the next set of threads. Now wrap the cotton up to half the bundle. 

Wrap the thread 2 to 3 times on the 2 bundles to attach them together and finish by covering the remaining part.

This is the completed edge.

Finishing the border



Fold the border in the middle of the work, taking care to align the holes of the four-sided stitch.

With the thread on the right side of the embroidery and in a hole, make a loop over the edge and come back with your needle in the same place.

Now move into the next hole, the thread is on the back of the work.

Bring the thread forward passing in the middle of the embroidered motif and over the edge.

Move one hole again and repeat the succession of stitches explained precedently.

Here’s how to cut the corners when the pulled thread embroidery is complete and before folding it in the middle.

Here is the finished border.