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Peony, petal 5

Here are the necessary explanations for the realization of the petal.

This petal is embroidered with the colors n° 3716, 962, 961, 3832, 3831, 3803, 777 and B5200.

Split back stitch with 1 thread and color B5200.

Embroider with the color B5200 in the top of the petal.

Continue with color 3716 and also add a few stitches at the top of the petal.

Add a touch of the color 962 in the extension of the previous stitches.

Embroider a few stitches with the color 961 by starting to bend your stitches to the left to give an impression of movement to the petal. Also, add a few stitches in the narrow part of the petal at the top right.


Now continue with color 3832. The stitches are almost vertical.

Finish filling the petal to the design line with color 3831. Also, embroider some stitches of this color in the already embroidered part.

Add a series of long stitches with the color 3803 on the stroke to form a line.

Embroider spaced straight stitches with the color 777 at the bottom of the petal but on the upper part.

Interleave other straight stitches in the voids with color 3831.

Finish with the color 961 in the extension of the previous stitches.

Finish fill the petal in its lower part by inserting stitches with the color 3803 in the already embroidered stitches with the color 777.