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Peony, petal 14, stem and leaves

Here are the explanations necessary for the realization of the 14th petal,  the stem and the leaves

Petal 14

This petal is embroidered with the colors B5200, 3716, 962, 961, 3832, 3831 and 777.

Embroider the outline of the petal with split backstitch 1 thread and the color B5200.

Embroider “3 white spots” with the color B5200 in the top of the petal.

Continue with color 3716.

Use the color 3832  in contrast to previously embroidered white parts.

Now start the color gradient and first with 962.

Continue with color 962.

Then 3832.

And 3831.


The petal is complete. I have added some stitches with the color 777 at the bottom.

Stem and leaves

They are embroidered with the colors 3345, 3347 and 3348.

I used the colors 3348 and 3345 for the stem and the combination of the 3 colors for the leaves.

Here are the stem and the finished leaves.