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Needlepoint scissor fob

This is the complete embroidery

I used a 38 count ivory linen. You will need a 15 cm square piece of fabric.

As for the threads I used DMC “spécial à broder n° 25”  color 349 and the assorted cotton floss.

For this project I used 3 different stitches

The satin stitch is embroidered with 3 threads of DMC cotton floss.

The back stitch and the four sided stitch are embroidered with DMC  “spécial à broder n° 25”.

You will find the grid for this design HERE

When the embroidery is finished, cut the excess fabric (I leave about an edge of 12 threads).

Then fold the edge on the back leaving 6 threads around the embroidery and carefully fix the 4 sides with a running stitch.

Fold according to the scheme and sew with hidden stitches  and a thread color matching the fabric (2 sides only).



Fix  a pompom and a cord with some stitches in both remaining free corners.

Finish the seams leaving an opening for introducing the stuffing and then fill with a little fiberfill.

The back of the embroidery is completed.

You just have to hang your scissors.