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Needled painted tulips

Flower n°1

Petal 6, right side

To embroider this petal, I used the colors 3833, 760, 224, 225, 893, 3078, 725, 369, 471 and 367.

As usual, outline the petal with split backstitch 1 thread and the color 760.

Start with the right side of the petal embroidering the edge with the color 3833.

Continue with color 760.

Apply a few stitches with the color 225 to illuminate the petal.

Extend the gradient with color 224.

Begin embroidering the left edge of the petal with the color 893.

Continue with color 760.

Extend the gradient with color 224.

Then 225.

Start embroidering the central part of the petal by applying the yellow color 3078 on each side towards the center. Be aware that the 2 parts are not symmetrical.

Fill with the color 725 paying close attention to the direction of the stitches.

Start embroidering the rib with color 471.

Finish by adding a few stitches with the color 367.