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Needle painted tulips

Flower n°1

Petal 6, left side

To embroider this petal, I used the colors 893, 760, 224, 225, 3078, 445, 725, 369, 471 and 367.

Start by embroidering the edge of the petal with the color 893 and leaving empty spaces as in the picture.

Fill in the empty spaces with the color 760 and extend the gradient by adding the color 224. Also, add a few stitches with the color 225 in the lower right part of the petal.

Start the yellow part of the petal with the color 3078.

Continue with color 445.

Finish the yellow gradient with the color 725.

Now embroider a row of stitches with color 369.

Finish the embroidery of the petal with the color 471. Underline the entire green lower part with the color 367 and add some stitches with the color 221 on the upper edge of the petal to give it depth.

Stem and leaves

To embroider the stem and leaves, I used colors 369, 368, 367 and 520.

Embroider first using colors 367 and 368.

Finish with 369 colors to give light and 520 to give depth to the stem.

Start embroidering with color 367.

Continue with colors 368 and 369.

Finish with the color 520.