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Needle painted Hibiscus

The bud and the leaves



The colors to embroider this bud are 819, 353, 760, 891, 817, 815, and 972. 



Embroider the top of the bud with satin stitch and color 353.

Make the next petal with colors 760 and 891.

For the right petal, use colors 760, 891, 817, and 815 using the photo for placement.

The reverse side of the same petal is embroidered with the colors 819 and 760.

To make the large petal on the left, use the colors 891, 817, and 815 also using the pictures examples.

The main petal is embroidered starting with its top and color 819, then adding colors 760 and 891. Finish with color 817 at the bottom of the petal.

The pistil is formed by a line of stem stitches 2 threads and the colors 815, 891, and 972. It ends with small dots embroidered in satin stitch with 1 thread and colors 815, 760, and 972. 


Colors used to embroider the leaves and sepals of the bud

319, 926 and 3813 

The combination of the 3 colors is used to embroider each leaf and the sepals of the bud. The photos below will be used to guide the work.