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Morning Glories, part one

Here are the explanations of the upper part of this design.

I added the following 2 colors, DMC 3078 and 1026 to the palette proposed in the introductory post.The stitches used are the long and short stitch with 1 thread and the stem stitch with 2 threads.

I remind you that to get a nice result, it is necessary to surround each piece of the design with a split backstitch 1 thread.

As usual, start by embroidering the outlines of the design with split backstitch 1 thread. I used the color DMC 500.

This work is mandatory for all embroidered parts done with long and short stitch and I will skip the photo of this step from now on.

I used a straight stitch 1 thread to cover the small stems.







Embroider the small leaves with satin stitch 1 thread and DMC colors 500, 368 and 369.

The stems are made with stem stitch with 2 threads changing between colors DMC 500 and 368.






The stems are also embroidered with stem stitch 2 threads and the DMC 500 color.

The bottom part of the buds is embroidered with long and short stitch 1 thread using DMC colors 369, 368, 320 and 501.






The floral parts of the buds are embroidered with long and short stitch using the colors DMC 159, 160 and 161.

Work from the bottom to the tip of the bud and starting with the lightest color to finish with the darkest.

Unfortunately, I have not made detailed pictures of these parts which are small. You will find detailed explanations for the realization of the buds in the next post where they are much larger.





For the leaf, start by embroidering the lightest parts with the DMC 369 color.






Then add the color DMC 368 respecting the direction of the stitches.






Finish filling the outside part of the leaf with the DMC 320 color. Continue with the same color towards the center leaving a small free area for the darkest color.






Finish the leaf with the color DMC 501.