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Large pink flower


In this post, you will find step-by-step explanations of the large flower in the center of the “A shade of pink” embroidery.


You will find the pattern of this flower to download HERE


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List of used threads


House of Embroidery

Raw silk 16m, 52, 45c, 22 and 35

Stranded cotton 49C and 5A

DMC stranded cotton

3687 and 3688

List of used stitches


 Straight stitch, satin stitch, long and short stitch, split backstitch, spider web stitch, ribbed spider web stitch. 

The explanations of all these stitches are available in the menu of this blog under the heading “Stitches”.


Outside petals

Embroider the top edge of the petals with split backstitch 1 thread and DMC cotton 3688.

Fill each petal with satin stitch and raw silk House of Embroidery 45C Wine Glow.

Now use raw silk 22 Lavataria to fill the bottom of the petals.

Now embroider a split backstitch with color 3688 on the top of the already filled petals.

Fill completely the border still empty with long straight stitches 2 threads and always with color 3688.

Attention must be paid to the direction of the stitches because the padding is always made perpendicular to the direction of the stitches of the covering embroidery.

Finish by making a beautiful satin stitch with 1 thread and always the same color all around each petal.

Inside petals

They are made exactly the same way as the outer petals using DMC 3687 cotton for the edges and Raw silk 22 Lavataria and 35 Camellia for the solid part.

Center part

Place 2 threads in color 49B following the picture.

Embroider the small circle with ribbed spider web stitch always with 2 threads and the same color.

Fill the middle circle with a simple spider web stitch 2 threads and always the same color.

Always using 2 threads but in 5C color continue to fill the center using the ribbed spider web stitch again.

Finish the center by embroidering 3 rows with the simple spider web stitch and always in green to make the junction between the center and the petals.