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Anthea’ Garden 

flowers E, F and G



You will not find detailed explanations for each leaf but I will publish in each article the groups of leaves to embroider with the proposed flowers.

The work of the leaves is explained in the first chapter of this project. Using the group of greens with a yellow tendency or the one with a blue tendency, you are free to mix the colors according to your choice by using the embroidery work explained in the previous article. 

Here is a reminder of the colors used in the green leaves with yellow highlights

Soie d’Alger – DMC                   

3713 – 3348

2141 – 165

2114 – 470

3845 – 640

Stef Francis  n° 16

Here is a reminder of the colors used in the green leaves with blue highlights

Soie d’Alger – DMC                   

136 – 3808

131 -747

2114 – 470

3845 – 640

Stef Francis  n° 18

Flower E

Colors used to embroider this flower

Soie d’Alger – DMC                    

3046 – 3685

3025 – 326

3044 – 917

1313 – 3836

3713 – 3348


After surrounding each petal with a split backstitch and the color 3836 for their tips and 3685 for their sides, fill in the tops of the petals with the color 3836.

Continue with color 917…

…and then with the color 326.

Finish the petals by adding a few straight stitches with color 3685 at the base of the motifs. Finish by embroidering the center of the flower with a satin stitch decorated with a few small straight stitches, all with color 3348.

Flower F

Colors used to embroider this flower

Soie d’Alger – DMC                      

2364 – 915

3031 – 3608

4096 – B5200

The stems are embroidered with a row of 2-thread stem stitch and the color 3808 and then outlined with a second row of stem stitch with the color variegated blue and 1 thread. The first petals are embroidered with a 2-thread lazy daisy stitch and the color 915.

Now embroider more petals in the same way as before but with the color 3608.

Finish the flower by scattering French knots with 2 threads and 2 wraps and the color B5200 between the petals.

Flower G

Colors used to embroider this flower (they are the same colors as for the flower A).

Soie d’Alger – DMC                    

4096 – B5200

5114 – 3835

2931 – 3689

2932 – 3733

636 – 606

2936 – 498

3713 – 3348

2114 – 470

Embroider the outline of the petals with split backstitch using colors 3689 and 3835.

Begin the realization of the petals by the upper part and the color 3689.

Continue embroidering with color 3733.

Add straight stitches with the color B5200 in the pink part already embroidered with the color 3689 and fill the heart of the flower with satin stitch and the color 606.

Embroider crown-shaped French knots around the center with the full strand of thread (6 threads) and 1 wrap. Use colors 3348 and 470 alternately.

Here is the finished flower with the accompanying leaf.