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Interlaced chain stitch

This is a decorative variant of the chain stitch.

After embroidering a single chain, simply wrap a thread on one side (or both) of each stitch by slipping this thread into each half stitch, forming back stitches in the middle of the chain and without entering the basic fabric.

Do not over tighten the interlaced thread and try to keep the loops as regular as possible.

First, embroider a single chain.

To start winding your thread, pass it from the outside to the inside in the second loop.

While backing in the first loop, do the same exercise by passing the thread under the half loop but this time from the inside out.

Continue winding your thread in the same way from loop to loop.

Here is the interlaced chain completed.

You can do the same work on the other side of the chain to get a wider and more decorative band.