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Here are explanations for flowerbed 19 and 20

The designs of flowerbed 19 and 20 can be downloaded HERE


Both borders are embroidered in heavy chain stitch with 2 threads.

The corollas of the peonies are embroidered in blanket stitch with 1 thread. Roses with ribbon form the heart.

You can find detailed explanations of these flowers in the project “Garlands” HERE

The peonies leaves are embroidered in ribbon stitch.


The forget-me- not are embroidered with 5 French knots 2 threads 2 wraps, star shaped, then add an additional knot for the center.

This is the picture of both completed flowerbeds. As usual, I added seeding stitch 1 thread to the ground.

The borders are embroidered with DMC cotton floss Color Variations 4130. 

The peonies are embroidered with House of Embroidery raw silk Antiquity 44b and silk ribbon 4mm also Antiquity 44b. The leaves are embroidered with House of Embroidery silk ribbon 4 mm Moss 32. 

The forget-me-not in French knot are embroidered with House of Embroidery cotton floss Clematis 63 and DMC cotton floss 3820 for the hearts.

The ground is embroidered with DMC cotton floss 502.


and this is our work in progress !