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Floral Mandala 

part 3

Here is the third part of this embroidery.

In this post, you will find the explanations to embroider the 8 outside floral medallions and the Palestrina stitch border.

As a reminder, the kit of this mandala can be bought HERE.

It contains the pattern printed on a piece of linen of 38/38 cm in a color of your choice. It also contains the detailed explanations necessary for the realization of this model as well as the list of colors used.

House of Embroidery threads can be ordered with the mandala by following the link “Our suggestion of threads to realize this kit”. The DMC threads needed to complete this work have to be purchased separately.

The stems are embroidered with stem stitch 2  threads and the color Holly 56.

The leaves are embroidered with blanket stitch. The main vein is embroidered with back stitch and the lateral veins with straight stitches. This pattern is realized entirely with 2 threads and colors 3011 and 3013.



The petals of the flowers are embroidered with blanket stitch 1 thread and the centers with French knots 2 threads and 2 wraps. The colors used are 352 and 351 for the first one and 3801 and 3777 for the other one.

This bud is embroidered with long and short stitch 1 thread then decorated with 3 French knots 2 threads 2 wraps and 3 straight stitches 2 threads.

The outer border is embroidered with Palestrina stitch in the same way as the 2nd border.