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Here are all the indications necessary to realize this work.

The drawing is to be downloaded HERE. The original is 13 cm high but it is obvious that you can enlarge it according to your needs.

I embroidered on blue linen with silk threads of 4 different colors and you will find the references below. Of course it is only a suggestion but I recommend you however to use

  • a dark color (if variegated, in the same tone) for the middle part and the outlines of the feather

  • 2 bright colors (if variegated, in the same tone) for the filling stitches

  • a bright color with a very sharp gradient for all the little details

I used very simple basic stitches and you can certainly recognize them in the pictures. Among them

  • Stem stitch

  • Satin stitch

  • Chain stitch

  • Blanket stitch

  • French knot

  • Back stitch

  • Fly stitch

  • Ear stitch

You can find explanations of all these stitches in our menu “Stitches”

 I take this opportunity to introduce here the technique of the filling stitches. It is a technique very often used in Crewel embroidery that allows filling large areas by bringing different structures to the work.

Here I used 3 different filling stitches (very basic) whose explanations are HERE.

There are many variations of these stitches and according to our future achievements, we will have the opportunity to expand our catalog.







Here are some details of the embroidery

I used extra fine silk from the British brand Stef Francis. These are wonderfully pleasant threads to embroider and their shimmering colors are bringing a lot of life to each kind of embroidery.

I have been using them for a very long time and I am still amazed at the results.