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The detached buttonhole stitch for stumpwork is a simple variant of needle lace.

It is realized in the same way as the buttonhole stitch but it is worked into itself rather than into the foundation fabric.

It is embroidered on a wire support and on a nonwoven material that dissolves with water to obtain transparent shapes.

For the clarity of the pictures, the stitch is realized here on a background of linen cloth but the work remains the same.

To begin, prepare the pattern to embroider with wire. The buttonhole stitch will be fastened to it. Working from left to right, embroider rows of blanket stitch hooked in the top line of the wire but without piercing the fabric. Slide the thread under the wire at the end of the row and repeat the work the same way but this time from right to left. The 2nd and the following rows are always formed in the loops of the preceding rows.

Here is a series of pictures that will help you understand how to achieve this stitch.

Embroider a blanket stitch at the top of the pattern without stitching into the fabric.

Slide the thread under the wire and surround it twice.

In the same way, slide the thread under the wire but on the left side and also surrounding it twice.

Taking care to include the thread stretched between the wires, make a blanket stitch in the stitch made at the beginning (previous row).

Never poke into the fabric during the entire work.

Make a second blanket stitch between the first and the wire on the right side.

Slide the needle under the wire to the right and wrap it again 2 times as before.

Repeat the same work on the right side.

Wrap the thread twice around the wire.

Now embroider blanket stitches in the loops of the previous row by adding an extra stitch at the end of the row.

It is evident that blanket stitches are added or removed depending on the shape to be filled.

Return left.

Embroider a new row of blanket stitches.

When the surface is fully filled, gently loosen the wire from the fabric or rinse the shape delicately under warm water if you have used a soluble support.