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the strawberry

For the realization of this strawberry, I used the following colors

 DMC stranded cotton  353, 352, 350, 349, 817, 816, 814, 581, 3345, 734. 

Start making this strawberry using colors 353 and 352.



Continue with color 350.


… then with the color 349.

Fill the still empty part, as indicated by the arrow (but not all the way down) with the color 817.



Finish filling the surface of the strawberry with color 816.



Embroider the small seeds on the surface of the fruit with tiny lazy daisy 1-thread stitches and color 814. Fill a number of these seeds with a small straight stitch and color 353.


Embroider the leaves with straight stitches 1 thread using colors 581, 3345 and 734.