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Camellia scissor fob

The design of the camellia used for the scissor fob can be downloaded HERE

In a previous post, we had learned to embroider a stylized Camellia. Here is one possible use for this design.

A scissor fob

I’m sure you’ve understood that I love this little object …

The basis of the work is, therefore, the same as in the stylized Camellia.

What is different is the outline of the flower. I replaced the Palestrina stitch with an interlaced chain stitch.

I embroidered straight stitches with golden thread in the petals and 7 mm ribbon leaves in each corner. To secure the ribbon I added a small golden bead in each leaf.



Here are the different parts of the scissor fob.

The camellia embroidered in 2 copies for both sides obviously, a long pompon and a small cord.

For the assembly, it is necessary to fold towards the reverse of the embroidery approximately 1 cm of fabric on the line and to hold it in place with running stitch.

Then fix with neutral wire and some stitches at an angle, the cord and opposite the tassel.

Join the 2 embroideries with a 6 thread Palestrina stitch (complete strand) and a chenille needle n ° 22 leaving an opening for the stuffing.

Fill the fob with synthetic wadding and finish closing with Palestrina stitch.

The scissor fob is finished

I must say that what I particularly like about this model is that the embroidery fills the entire available surface and that the ribbon, the golden thread and the beads give it a little “Vintage” look.