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Hungarian purse



Here are the necessary explanations for setting up this purse.

I have tried to provide many pictures to help you complete this project. I am not a sewing specialist (although I like that …) so there is always an intuitive part in my work.



to realize this work you will need

  • A flexible 8,5 cm clasp that you can get here

  • the embroidered pieces cut to dimensions of 12 x 12 cm

  • 2 pieces of thin fleece to iron of 10 x 10 cm

  • 2 pieces of fabric for the lining of the pouch of 12 x 12 cm

  • 2 pieces of 11 x 6.5 cm fabric in the same fabric as the embroidery for the clasp

  • 2 pieces of thin fleece to iron of 11 x 6.5 cm

  • 2 pieces of fabric for the clasp lining of 11 x 6.5 cm




First of all, this section shows how to prepare the parts that will be used to hold the clasp.



After ironing the fleece on the back of the main fabric (same as the embroidery), pin it with the lining fabric right side up. The fleece is therefore outside the stack.


Sew the 2 ends at 1cm from each edge.


I often use this narrow, water-soluble, double-sided tape to fix the parts of my work that are a little tricky to keep in place before sewing.

Turn the 2 pieces over and iron the seams.

Fold in the direction of the width and with the lining inside.

I used the tape to keep these “pipes” tightly closed when they are attached to the main part of the purse.

Here are the 2 parts ready to hold the clasp.



Here’s how to assemble the main part of the purse with the clasp.



Iron the fleece on the backside of the embroidery.


Draw a line on top of the purse at 1 cm from the edge. Also mark the open part of the clasp 1 cm from the edge, center and hold it carefully with pins and pointing downwards. Lay the lining rightside against the embroidery (the clasp is caught between the 2 fabrics) and sew all together along the marked line. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the complete stack…


The clasp piece is now attached to the embroidery and the lining also, although invisible in this photo.

Here are the 2 finished parts of the purse that must be now sewed together on the flip side (the 2 rightsides facing each other) leaving a fairly large opening in one of the sides of the lining to make it possible to pass the purse through it and be turned right side up.


Here is the purse sewn on the 4 sides with the parts for the clasp inside and showing the opening necessary to flip the purse.

The purse is now in place. If, like me, you used tape, you have to let it soak for a while in water to allow the tape to dissolve. Then carefully iron the seams and pull out the corners.


Now slide the metal clasp into the parts that are intended for it, from both sides simultaneously.

Then fix the clasp using the small metal rod provided for this purpose.


The purse is complete and ready to accompany you on your next trip, BRAVO!