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Schwalm traditional design

part 3


In this post, you will find the explanations necessary to complete this work.



Large Tulip

First, prepare the surface by pulling horizontally and vertically 1 thread and leaving 3 to get a grid as in the picture.

Embroider diagonally in the grid squares to cover the entire surface. I used 2 stranded cotton threads.


I made a “Rosette” in each part left free by the background pattern using “Spécial à  broder” thread. One of the basic designs used in Schwalm embroidery is the “Rosette”. You will find the explanation below. Pay attention to the position of the thread relative to the needle.


Pull the threads as before.

Mark with a line the change of direction of the pattern.

Embroider over 3 threads using “Spécial à broder” cotton, changing direction and respecting the mark made previously.

Small Tulips

Pull one thread and leave 3 in one direction as shown in the photo.

Use the diagram below to do the embroidery. I used 2 stranded cotton threads.

Here is the finished pattern.