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A small village 

Here is a small design that Canevas Folies has been offering for 10 years already in its catalog. It has not aged and is still welcomed.

Therefore I wanted to share it with all the readers of this blog.

In this post, you will find the pattern of this embroidery to download HERE as well as the list of colors used and the necessary explanations. The finished embroidery measures approximately 14cm / 10cm.

I would like to point out that this work is perfect for beginners …

Embroidery details

List of stitches used                                                                             

all the explanations of these stitches appear in the menu “stitches”

  • Stem stitch

  • Lazy daisy stitch

  • French knot

  • Straight stitch

  • Long an short stitch

  • Satin stitch

  • Back stitch



List of colors used

House of Embroidery stranded cotton 

  • Fern 4C 
  • Moss 32B
  • Cabbage 30AC
  • Freesia 48A et C
  • Clematis 63B
  • Bark 72C
  • Fuchsia 49B



DMC stranded cotton

  • Color variations 4130

  • 762

  • 738

  • 561

  • 3346

  • 725

  • 744

  • white  



Explanations of the designs

Mountains in the background

They are realized with stem stitch and French knots 2 wraps, all with 2 threads.    


The roofs are embroidered with satin stitch 1 thread, the walls with back stitch 2 threads, the chimneys and the windows with straight stitch 1 thread.


The trees are embroidered with stem stitch 2 threads for the branches and with satin stitch 1 thread for the trunks.

The different foliages are made with long and short stitch 1 thread and lazy daisy stitch 2 threads.

The flowering bushes are embroidered with stem stitch 2 threads and with French knots 2 threads and 1 wrap.

The flower gardens are made with French knots 2 threads 2 wraps and lazy daisy stitches star-shaped with 1 thread.

The fields

Some fields are embellished with straight stitches 2 threads grouped to represent tufts of grass, others also with straight stitches 2 threads embroidered in a V-shape.