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A Bird for Christmas

The template of this design is available for download HERE

The embroidery is entirely made with a discovery pack and a bobbin of metallic braided thread, all coming from Au Ver à Soie.

If you wish to realize this embroidery using the original threads, they are on sale in 4 different color combinations in our online shop.


The discovery pack I used contains the following threads

  • 1 skein of Soie d’Alger

  • 1 bobbin  of Metallic Braided n°4 Thread 

  • 1 bobbin of Perle Silk

  • 1 bobbin of “Surfine” Silk (100m)

  • 1 Silk Ribbon 4mm

    I also used a  bobbin of golden Metallic braided n° 8 Thread and some Stranded cotton DMC red.


Wings –  part 1


The wings are embroidered with leaf stitch and 4mm ribbon. To keep my ribbon flat, I use a punch (or a big needle) to make holes in the fabric before passing the ribbon through.

In this picture, we can see the holes made with the punch.They will gradually disappear during the work.

Here is the central part, all made in ribbon, finished.

The central part of the wing is embroidered with wheatear stitch and metallic braided n ° 8 thread.

Pad the edge of the wing with straight stitches diagonally and DMC stranded cotton. You have to use the 6 strands at a time.

In this picture, I used fine crewel wool with 3 strands because it’s just what I had on hand.

Place straight stitches regularly spaced with DMC and 3-stranded cotton over the padding as if to prepare a weaving.

The edge of the wing is embroidered with raised stem stitch in the following way (starting from the inside)

  • 2 rows of golden metallic braided n°8 thread

  • 2 rows of perle silk using 2 strands

  • 1 row of red metallic braided n°4 using 2 strands

  • 1 row of golden metallic braided n°8 thread

  • 1 row of red metallic braided n°4 using 2 strands

If the space is not completely filled, add an extra row with the thread of your choice.

Embroider the second wing in the same way.