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A bird for Christmas 


The template of this design is available for download HERE

The embroidery is entirely made with a discovery pack and a bobbin of metallic braided thread, all coming from Au Ver à Soie.

If you wish to realize this embroidery using the original threads, they are on sale in 4 different color combinations in our online shop.



Cut the wings leaving about 1/2 cm of fabric to be folded and slightly split.

Cut 2 wings in light felt using the basic template.

Fold the fabric over the inner surface and carefully glue with DIY glue.

Lightly coat the entire inner surface of each wing with the same glue and apply the felt. Let dry a moment by putting the wings under a weight.

Cut the 2 parts of the body of the bird leaving about 1/2 cm of fabric all around for assembly. Split the fabric on each side of the base of the beak and between the rounded parts of the tail.

Start by sewing the beak with sewing thread and small hidden stitches.

Then assemble the 2 parts of the body by overcasting the Palestrina stitch with 2 strands of Soie d’Alger. An opening must be left under the belly to introduce the stuffing.

Fill the bird well with synthetic wadding and close the opening.

Wait until the wings are dry and flat to attach them to the body of the bird.

Put some textile glue on the felt, (I use Gütermann HT2 glue) in “horseshoe” form and about 1/2 cm from the edges on the rounded part of the wing.

Using the mark formed by the curve stem stitch embroidered on each side of the body (which I forgot to make the picture of…), lay the wings on the body by holding them with pins. The tip of each wing is oriented towards the middle stem of the feathers of the tail.

Leave to dry for about 15 minutes and remove the pins.

That’s it, you made a very cute little bird ….. BRAVO!