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The Agapanthus are composed of 3 elements

Stems are embroidered with stem stitch 2 threads.

Leaves are embroidered with chain stitch 2 threads.

To embroider the flower, start with a fly stitch 2 threads ending at the meeting point of all fly stitches.


Embroider next a second fly stitch. For right handed embroiderers, the stitch is shifted to the left and slightly encroaching the previous stitch. For the left handed embroiderers, it is clear that they must work in reverse.


Continue in the same way, for the right handed embroiderers by turning counterclockwise and for the left handed embroiderers turning in the opposite direction.


The Agapanthus is now completed. You can add some straight stitches 2 threads to make the flower more vivid.



Stems and leaves are embroidered with stranded House of Embroidery cotton Cypress 50 or with DMC cotton floss 524.

The flowers are embroidered with DMC cotton floss 825.


Here, you can see the completed Agapanthus.