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 The embroidery ” the Blue Garden” is complete and we will now  learn to make a needle case with it

Refresh the embroidery with luke warm water and from upside down, iron it wet on a sponge cloth.

Put a piece of Vlieseline approximately 23×10.5 cm (I used quality S520) on the back of the embroidery and iron it.

Cut the excess fabric, leaving an edge of 1 cm around the Vlieseline.

Place  a piece of fusible double faced Vliesofix on the Vliesline piece and carefully fold the edges of the fabric. If you prefer you can also use repositionable glue.

For the lining, cut a larger piece of fabric as the needle case and iron it on the glued Vlieseline (on the back of the embroidery).

 Fold the lining and sew with hemstitch.


 Put a slightly smaller felt piece as the needle case on the lining.


Put an organza ribbon through the needle case from the inside to the outside to hold the felt and tie a bow. Fold and iron the needle case.




The Blue Garden needle case in now complete.